Every week (unless other activities are planned), AMINOR holds a lunch discussion, which is a 45-min informal gathering at lunch time during which researchers and students discuss a topic that is either based on a paper or a presentation. All discussions occur online.

To receive notifications for upcoming Lunch discussions, you need to sign-up to the AMINOR Slack workspace and add the channel “calendar_events” (see here for how to add a channel.

If you have an “@uit.no”, “@hi.no”, “@npolar.no”, “@niku.no“, “@niva.no“, “@met.no“, or “@nina.no” email address, you should automatically have access to the AMINOR Slack workspace. You only need to create a Slack account and sign up to AMINOR Slack workspace. Then you can select to receive notifications by emails or directly through Slack (look here for all details on how to do this).

Contact Arnaud Tarroux (arnaud.tarroux[.at.]nina.no) if you do not have one of the addresses listed above, or if you have issues with registration or functionalities in Slack.