AMINOR is a cluster of collaborating researchers from the Fram Centre that trains and educates PhD and master students in a dynamic teaching environment. Our courses take place at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


 1. AMINOR specific courses

Environmental systems: integration of monitoring, research and management – BIO-8006 (10 STP)

The course is a basic course for AMINOR PhD students. It has been developed based on presentations and discussions held during previous AMINOR workshops. It aims at integrating monitoring, research, and management around three themes: climate systems, ecological systems (terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems), and the relationships between society, climate, and ecological systems. For each theme, the course relies on concrete case studies from northern regions, as well as presentations of general principles, such as adaptive management and monitoring.

Ecological methodology: study design and statistical analysis – BIO-8105 (10 STP)

This course focus on design and statistical analyses and it is oriented towards monitoring of environmental systems and the contrast among different research strategies (e.g. observational versus experimental studies). This course is a core course for the AMINOR students.

 For more details, look up for the course number in the university course catalogue or contact us.


2. Other relevant courses at UiT

Northern food web ecology– BIO-8016 (10 STP)

Philosophy of science and ethics – SVF-8600 (6 STP)

Communicating science Module 1: scientific writing – FSK-8002 (3 STP)

Communicating science Module 2: coping with media – BIO-8007 (1 STP)

Communicating science Module 3: visualizing your science – BIO-8008 (1 STP)

Leadership skills – preparing PhD students for taking on leadership tasks – FSK-8003 (2 STP)

Entrepreneurship and commercialization – preparing PhD students for an entrepreneurial career (FSK – 5 STP)