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The particular approach of AMINOR is to go further than the usual seminars, where a guest researcher gives a talk with often too little time for discussion. AMINOR aims at deepening scientific discussions and facilitating the use of state-of-the-art methods by providing opportunities for members to take the time to share scientific viewpoints and discuss thoroughly the topics covered within the activities.

Through its activities, AMINOR increases collaboration across institutes and disciplines, improves connections between students and researchers, and promotes outreach and communication of research results beyond institutes and disciplines.

By providing the opportunity to discuss intensively together with other members, AMINOR aims to broaden the overall perspectives on conceptual advances and analytical knowledge of the FRAM Centre members, thereby naturally fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and bridging institutes.

Receive notifications for all our activities

AMINOR activities are open to everyone and are now announced through Slack. You can also get an overview of all events in the AMINOR calendar in AMINIOR–> HOME or see below.

If you have an “”, “”, “”, ““, ““, ““, or “” email address, you should automatically have access to the AMINOR Slack workspace. You only need to create a Slack account and sign up to AMINOR Slack workspace. Then you can select to receive notifications by emails or directly through Slack (look here for all details on how to do this).

Contact Benjamin Planque (benjamin.planque[.at.] if do not have one of the address listed above, or if you have issues with registration or functionalities in Slack.

R lunches

AMINOR holds R lunches every other week. These are meant to provide a forum to anyone using the
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AMINOR is a cluster of collaborating researchers from the Fram Centre that trains and educates PhD and master
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Lunch discussions

Every week (unless other activities are planned), AMINOR holds a lunch discussion, which is a 45-min informal gathering
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Afternoon discussions

AMINOR holds 4-5 groups discussions every year, each of them lasting between 2 to 4 hours. These afternoon
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AMINOR holds several workshops per year where students, researchers, and invited guests gather to deepen their knowledge on
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Online discussion channels

The AMINOR FORUM is a discussion channel for stimulating discussions among research scientists and graduate students. The forum
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Event Calendar

september, 2023