Advanced Environmental Research in the North

A research school and a scientific network for the integration of monitoring, science and management

september, 2023

Core Activities


AMINOR is a cluster of collaborating researchers from the Fram Centre that trains and educates PhD and master
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Lunch discussions

Every week (unless other activities are planned), AMINOR holds a lunch discussion, which is a 45-min informal gathering
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Afternoon discussions

AMINOR holds 4-5 groups discussions every year, each of them lasting between 2 to 4 hours. These afternoon
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AMINOR holds several workshops per year where students, researchers, and invited guests gather to deepen their knowledge on
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Online discussion channels

The AMINOR FORUM is a discussion channel for stimulating discussions among research scientists and graduate students. The forum
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Our Core Activities

The particular approach of AMINOR is to go further than the usual seminars, where a guest researcher gives a talk with often too little time for discussion. AMINOR aims at deepening scientific discussions and facilitating the use of state-of-the-art methods by providing opportunities for members to take the time to share scientific viewpoints and discuss thoroughly the topics covered within the activities.